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06 May 2014 @ 11:59 pm
[FA] The Adventures of Tamama & Pikachu ~ just a scribble of my experience in CSBKK :D

/HEOL/ gonna post it here for now because twitlonger hates me :(
& thank you Raj unnie for correcting the sequencing of the set list.

To be honest, I don't have anything more interesting to share already because I've spazzed every awesome moment on twitter. But I thought I'll just write this to conclude my trip before I go on work mode for the next 1.5 days and forget everything that happened here before the next stop in CSSG.
I really wanted my first CS con to be a full admiration concert, meaning sit-there-and-enjoy-every-detail-in-a-wider-perspective, since I would alr be moshing in SG, but little did I know that my seat was right at the front row of Jonghyun's side! Thanks to the super nice unnies who kindly let us seat in front despite the fact that this is a Cnblue con in their country. Truly touched ㅠ.ㅠ

///////////////// CONCERT /////////////////

It was probably the closest encounter with Jong in a concert and honestly, I was jaw-dropped by how good looking he was in close proximity. His skin tone is probably fairer than my upcoming wedding dress. He walks to our side a lot compared to the rest of the boys and I think he got lost in his own world many times while playing the guitar. Eye-contacted him a few times but the eye contacts from him were cold and temporary. It only lasted for split seconds but the cold never bothered me anyway, it was still charming and sweet. LOL Thank you 二哥

I was also deeply impressed by how this concert is different from BM with more interludes of the boys just-playing-music. Like what Yonghwa said , he was changing the concert style and it was beautifully done. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SET-LIST especially my miracle, teardrops in the rain and COLD LOVE. Cold love was just heart-wrecking, so so good. T.T

The crowd at BKK is really the best. Anybody would be able to feel the love for the boys by just listening to the audience's singing. Everyone sang passionately even the boys were shocked especially during Teardrops in the rain & Sarangbit :)

I was most wow-ed with the EXTREMELY ERHMAZING ( have to caps this ) improvement of Yonghwa's English. I don't even called it Yonglish anymore cause it doesn't do justice to what he has said at CSBKK. He is much more expressive this time and I know the English he said wasn't very much rehearsed. I can't remember everything word for word but I teared the hardest when he said this...

"I wanna pray for you, pray for Korea, pray for Bangkok... "

Just look at this awesome creation of God.
May all the possible blessings be with you, brother :')

///////////////// TAMAMA /////////////////

I vaguely remembered how high I was at BMSG when Yonghwa walked back to the main stage with natsugoguma unnie's Tamama hanging on his neck last year.

This time, when he went over to take the tamama from YSTH who were seated directly opposite us, I was dumbfounded. My hands was shivering so bad and I kept turning back to p'jah unnie behind me with an extremely unbelief sob face that probably shouted "Is-this-even-real" and I was so done when he walked over to our side flashing it right infront of me.

If anyone were to say that he was forced to take the tamama........

Please watch this again http://instagram.com/p/nk_jK9Ef3p/

///////////////// PIKACHU /////////////////

About the pikachu, very sorry but it was originally for Jong. I knew he tweeted pikachu before and I just wanted to throw that to me. But I honestly had high doubts on him wanting to keep it and a burning soul friend told me he doesn't even know why he's related to pikachu LOL.

So when Yonghwa walked over to my side, he was practically on a goguma-collecting spree. He had TMM on one hand, while asking for a yongseo towel from the Thai ggms sitting paralleled to my side. This was when I waved the pikachu so hard at him to catch Yong's attention and finally ended up pitching it to him. I think I did quite a good job because he laughed right at me before picking it up. His eye-contact is much longer and warmer than Jong's & his reaction was extremely priceless!

This is the fancam that my friend Noelle (seated on my left) recorded

http://youtu.be/xgQ1oQD49Ng pikachu threw at 0:11

This is his close up reaction of Yong's warm laughter towards the end of the video

Cr siriluxx on instagram

And here's an additional view from a fellow ys fan -


The sweetest ever :) I don't even have anything else to say.

Lastly, this entire trip is nothing but a rain of blessings. I travel to BKK often for work but this is by far my most memorable trip. A big shout out to all unnies that took care of Noelle and I, driving us around, bringing us to eat nice food and gifting us so many things. We are really grateful :)

P.S. Many people asked, what makes you believe so much?

My question is, what's not to believe?

Thank you for reading this.
08 November 2010 @ 01:23 pm

Hello, I'm Furry C. which = Furrychan. The name is given by Spiffy Seowfen and..
my surname is not Chan. I blog all types of nonsense and I'm always spontaneous.
This journal is friends only because I think I should know who's gonna come and read my life.

Feel free to add me and drop me a comment thereafter. Do tell me more about yourself. ((:

Furry C.
30 April 2009 @ 05:59 pm

04 March 2009 @ 05:47 pm
I did this over at FB, but I'm doing this again because I'm feeling kinda bitchy.
20 Points. 20 People from the Livejournal. Strangers anot, here we go!

1. I would want to switch my bags wardrobe with you.
2. You're so pretty since the first day I know you.
3. I'm wow-ed by your photography almost every other time.
4. I want make-up lessons from you!
6. I still regard you as a friend even though things happened. And I like the fact that I can share anything with you.
7. I hope you are the most creative person in Singapore in future.
8. Even though you kept pangseh-ing me, I still love you as much as Day 1.
10. You're such a bandwagon but I still like stalking your journal.
11. A group of us girlies used to think that you're a good read but seems like,
you're enjoying your attention too much and boo, your......userinfo OMG! *print-screen*
12. Your photographs with your boyfriend never fails to melt my heart. Aww.
13. I wished we were better friends.
14. You've got such a fashionable mum, how I wish I could share my wardrobe with my mum like you.
15. I love your style and it never fails to remind me of AA.
16. You're SO MUCH PRETTIER now than when we were back in the old young days.
17. I LOVE your short hair and you're so skinny you look good all the time!
18. I was WOW-ED by the latest performance you did.
19. You've got perfect hair and I don't get why you're so picture perfect all the time.
20. You're so sweeeeeeeeeet looking and so close to God and you can cook, OH MAN you're the perfect girlfriend I wanna be.
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04 March 2009 @ 12:53 pm

Too sweet to be true?
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13 February 2009 @ 12:56 am

She made me my forest green pillow.
She made the best black sweet soya sauce fish which no one i knew is capable of cooking that.
She made homemade chunky fries out of big potatoes saying its healthier that way.
She play along and hide under the table together with my cousins and I, telling us foolish ghost stories at midnight.
She pawn her gold just to get us what we wanted. Which I'm guilty till now.
She never flares. And i mean, never. At all.
She used to say the Aaron Kwok is her son and I always find it insanely random and funny.
She loves indian movies and I always go "eeyer, ho kwa meh?"
She is a big TV fan. It's a pity she can't finish watch finish Yi Nan Wang, the long taiwan soap opera that's currently at its 234th (?!) episode.
She was always the peace maker when my cousin and I fight.
She used to make this soup that's entirely PINK in color, and I wonder who else can make it now.
She boils water for us when we want to bath.
She should totally win the most CHIN CHAI person award.

Nainai, I know god took you to the heavens because you're ever so kind and compassionate.
Thanks for always being there. Thanks for always asking me to eat and eat and eat more.
Thanks for the guidance, the teachings and the advices. I know while you're up at the kingdom..
you're making use the time to make new pillows for us... You're reunited with Ye Ye and cooking
him the dishes you're best in. I'll see you when I get there... I love you Nai Nai.
Rest in peace.

// and special thanks to you,
who sent your condolences.
Thanks love. <3
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